Dorothy Derapelian, M.Ed., LCMHC
                   Core Attachment Therapy© - Secure Attachment For The Adopted Child

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Core Attachment Therapy (CAT) ©

Core Attachment Therapy© addresses the internal and external emotional needs at the core level of the adopted child.  The internal core need being that of attachment. The external core needs being that of safety and security in order to attach.  In other words, before a child can securely attach, there needs to be safety and security in the home. Those of us who have raised foster children/adopted children know first hand the chaos they create in the home.  This chaos keeps the trauma alive and delays any secure attachment from developing because the home is on their terms. For secure attachment to occur, the children need to relinquish this control to their adoptive parents. This is what the Nurtured Heart Approach® does as Component 1 in Core Attachment Therapy©. It helps parents learn how to shift the energy in the house from trauma and chaos to calmness and positive.

In Component 2, the adoptive parent, along with the Core Attachment Therapist replicate the attachment process with the child in a series of progressive games. This allows the adopted family to bond in a developmental sequence which gets to the core of the child. At the end of each mommy/daddy game session , non-directive play therapy is then utilized with the child to release any trauma which may have been triggered during the process. If this occurs, this trauma can then by comforted by the parent. As the child is being comforted, s/he will experience an increased level of emotional attachment. 

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